Today For Tomorrow.

Plan for the Unpredictable

Are you a shareholder in a private company? Have you been wondering about the durability of your business in the case of your temporary or permanent absence, your succession plan, and the management and protection of your estate?

Do you find yourself preoccupied by these topics? Do you have questions you would like answered? At McCann we understand the extent of your impact on employees, associates, and suppliers, as well as their families and your own. Our team will help you clearly outline your current situation. Starting today, we will help you establish a solid protection plan that will allow you to keep your focus on the future.


Now, and for the Long-Term

At McCann, we look at the big picture and take a holistic approach. We know how important it is to distinguish ourselves and to be able to adapt in a constantly evolving financial services industry. We have developed corporate, estate, and fiscal plans specifically for business people.

We do not use direct solicitation, opting instead for word-of-mouth marketing. Businesses seek us out thanks to the recommendations of clients who are genuinely satisfied with our services, and by professional tax advisors, accountants, lawyers, notaries, and financial planners. We work in close collaboration with these professionals in order to find the best solutions.

Plan for Tomorrow, Today

It is never too early to start thinking about the future. Creating a tailor-made corporate and estate plan that is realistic and honest can ensure your company’s durability and can significantly minimize taxes payable at death. It can also ensure that sufficient assets are left to your beneficiaries.

Based on your current professional, personal, and financial situation, your plan may be simple or complex and each aspect will be adapted to your needs so that your wishes are respected.